Oosterwijk revives career and signs in Second Division

Jari Oosterwijk ended his career last year, but still found a new club. The striker signed with second divisionist HHC Hardenberg.
Oosterwijk lost his mother and spontaneously lost the fun in football. He was at the time striker of FC Twente. Now Oosterwijk has decided to play football again.
โ€œWhen I stopped at FC Twente I got in touch with HHC Hardenbergโ€, says Oosterwijk on the club site of HHC. โ€œI have a really good feeling about this club and I also know some players I‘ve played with before, such as Rick Hemmink and Jurjan Mannes. I think you can describe me as a headstrong striker with a good shot in both legs.โ€
โ€œA real buster for HHCโ€, technical manager Gert Heerkes calls it. โ€œA striker with its class and experience will give a real boost in the strength of our selection. It’
s nice that after a year of reflection Jari will make his return in performance football with us.โ€

Former professional footballer Jari Oosterwijk makes transfer to HHC Hardenberg https://t.co/Hul7EveVGs
โ€” HHC Hardenberg (@HHCHardenberg) May 26, 2021