Open ADO application from vice top scorer KKD: ‘Bulykin is my example’

Thomas Verheydt made Keuken-Champion Division-Furore at MVV and Go Ahead Eagles, played one season for the English low-flyer Crawley Town and is at the top of Almere City this season. However, the heart of the 29-year-old striker lies at ADO Den Haag: Verheydt played there in the youth and still hopes to return.
The current vice top scorer of the Kitchen Champion Division โ€” twenty goals, only Robert Mรผhren of SC Cambuur made more โ€” has had a stork tattooed on his back, just like Lex After all. Yet in 2012 he decided to leave with his childhood love. โ€œI was done with it at some point. I played in Jong ADO and had to go to Jong FC Groningen on a Monday evening. And then I was only allowed to participate for twenty minutesโ€, he tells Algemeen Dagblad. โ€œADO is an unfinished chapter.โ€
Verheydt reached the paid football by a detour and in the middle of the 2017/2018 season seemed like a return in the making: ADO wanted to take over the striker from Crawley Town, but both sides did not come out. โ€œI thought it was fine to pay in, but not as much as ADO intended. That made no sense.โ€
Bulykin as an example Although he is now seriously driving Almere City to promote it to the Eredivisie, it could come from a reunification now. The fact that ADO is on degradation doesn‘t matter to Verheydt. โ€œWith my qualities, I always have to play half the opponent. Maybe I’m a real first division striker,โ€ he‘s honest. โ€œI like ADO Den Haag. Every day I get messages from fans asking if I want to return. They miss the feeling of Hague at the club.โ€
Verheydt knows his The Hague classics. โ€œI look a little at Dmitri Bulykin, my example,โ€ he says about the Russian striker from the 2010/2011 success season, in which ADO forced European football. โ€œI’
m not going to pretend to be a great football player. I don‘t try scissors. I’m played, tap it wide, and then run into the sixteen.โ€