‘Open Monuments Day as Old Pressure’

Over 850,000 people took a look at one of the nearly 4,000 monuments that had been opened during the Monument‘s Open Day this weekend. The organizers of the Friend Raffle sponsored event react delighted about this high turnout during the pandemic: โ€œThis almost feels like old.โ€

It was the 35th time that the Monuments Day was held. Last year, the popular outing due to the corona crisis took place mostly digitally. In the years before the pandemic, more than 1 million interested people came to the heritage open to young and old, making it one of the biggest cultural events in our country.

Thousands of volunteers

According to Harald de Boer, director of the Netherlands Monumentenland, we are clearly on the way back: โ€œNow that more is possible, we immediately see that more monuments are opening their doors, thousands of volunteers and monument owners are as always with great enthusiasm. be sure to be surprised by the offer and the audience with the same pleasure.โ€

This year, Open Monuments Day offered a mix of free walk-in and reservation. Many monuments and activities such as concerts or tours were already booked up front. According to Alexander Geertsema, the chairman of Open Monuments Day Leiden, this online reservation worked great. โ€œQueues or interference in confined spaces could be prevented. As far as we’re concerned, the mix of walk-in and reservation worked well in this special year.โ€

Rotterdam attracted most interested

Most visitors came to Rotterdam (25,000). But it was also busy in Breda, The Hague, Leiden and Utrecht. These cities had at least 20,000 visitors each. In Amsterdam, where monuments were mainly opened in the outskirts, such as the former town hall in Ransdorp in 1652 and Frankendael Huize in the Watergraafsmeer, 10,000 curious people took a look. A number that were also counted in Delft, the Westland and Weert.

In Utrecht and the surrounding area, there was a lot of fun for the new UNESCO World Heritage Site: the New Dutch Waterline. As many as nine forts of the New Dutch Waterline could be visited. In Rotterdam, a lot of audiences came to visit the cycling and hiking routes that took you past monuments and places that relate to the colonial past.

Binnenhof in The Hague

In The Hague, many people took the last chance to visit the House of First Chamber, which was closed in the coming years in connection with the large-scale renovation of the Binnenhof. Very popular and fully booked was the Teylershuis in Haarlem, the former home of Pieter Teyler van der Hulst. This property does not officially open its doors until December, but it was already open to a small audience.

The next Monument Day will take place on the weekend of September 10 and 11, 2022, with the theme of sustainability.