‘Open’ Petrovic: ‘Unless players don’t want to, then it’s done with friendship’

Zeljko Petrovic was appointed to Willem II as a trainer to bring about something in the fight against degradation from the Eredivisie. The 55-year-old Montenegrijn is in any case a counterpart to his more introverted predecessor Adrie Koster, he realizes himself.

Petrovic usually has his heart on the tongue during interviews and has already made a ‘furor’ with it on a regular basis. For example, he is still reminded of his famous ‘Jan Pipo de Clown’ statement from his ADO Den Haag era. โ€œSometimes after an interview I say to myself: why are you doing this?โ€ , he admits in conversation with the Algemeen Dagblad.
Petro, however, does not intend to act differently from now on. โ€œThis is who I am. Ask trainers or former players how they feel about me and everyone is positive. I‘m not going to change myself.โ€ Also in his dealings with the players he wants to continue to be the same. โ€œI’m an open person, the type who doesn‘t see an enemy behind every tree. That’s how I deal with my players. Unless they don‘t want to come. Then it’s done with the friendship.โ€
The van Feyenoord coach debuted with a 2-0 victory in the crucial demotion cracker against FC Emmen. The match against ADO Den Haag on Sunday afternoon has been cancelled, on 14 February the brand new Willem II trainer awaits a reunion with Feyenoord.