Opponents cannot block Brexit law

A majority of British parliamentarians voted on Monday evening in favour of a draft version of the controversial Brexit Act. The opposition Labour Party and some Conservative party colleagues of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, among others, have difficulty with the Brexit Act because the proposal contravenes the Treaty governing exit from the EU. And Johnson has not yet got rid of the opposition.

An attempt by Labour to block the Johnson Governments Brexit Act in an early vote failed with a result of 213 to 349 votes. The government then won the vote on the so-called Internal Market bill by 340 votes to 263, taking the bill to the committee stage in the legislative process. This means that the most controversial parts of the bill will be debated again in the next few days.

Prime Minister Johnson strongly supports the controversial bill. He called on parliamentarians in the House of Commons on Monday to support the law. According to Johnson, the bill is a safety net and insurance policy to preserve the UKs political and economic integrity in the absence of a trade agreement with the EU.

But for many members of the opposition and also Johnsons party colleagues, the current bill is not done. They fear for the UKs international reputation if it violates international law. Among others, the prominent former Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sajid Javid, who previously served under Johnson, opposed it. Johnsons party colleagues who do not see anything in the draft could throw a spanner in the works of the Prime Minister at a later stage in the legislative process.