Opposition considers plans Rutte inadequate, substandard and scams

The opposition in the House of Representatives is not impressed by Rutte‘s ideas about a different culture of governance and his role in it. โ€œI think the plans are insufficient; not what the Netherlands needs,โ€ said Klaver van GroenLinks the day after the interview of the VVD leader and demissionary prime minister at Nieuwsuur.

In the interview, Rutte argued for more tailor-made work at executives such as the Tax Administration. He also wants the Court to give a mandate on the main lines in the case of major social agreements. According to Klaver, trust between government and citizen needs to be restored, and this is not enough. โ€œIt needs a little more concrete.โ€

People get ground

PVDA leader Ploumen aims at more than a notch and calls it โ€œunder the measureโ€ what Rutte proposes. She gives examples of the payment affair and the handling of the earthquake damage. โ€œPeople are being crushed, and I haven’t heard any proposals that go into that.โ€

Both party leaders do not exclude Rutte as a possible negotiating partner at the formation table. โ€œTrust has not yet been restored,โ€ says Ploumen. Clover emphasizes that he is quite willing to talk about the content with Rutte.

SP leader Marijnissen served Rutte at the beginning of the current crisis of confidence and she has no intention of returning from it. โ€œThe person who set the fire cannot put it out,โ€ she says again today.

Group leader Ouwehand of the Party for the Animals is not impressed either. โ€œI have experience with radical ideas and I could not see one in Mr Rutte,โ€ was her judgment. Ouwehand has already said that he has already lost trust in Rutte, and continues to do so. โ€œIt‘s not credible what he says.โ€

The same roughly finds PVV leader Wilders. โ€œThat was nothing, nada, studs. Radical emptiness. Scam-scam. Insecure, restless, nervous. What an incredibly bad story,โ€ he tweeted after the interview.


Kaag van D66 is a lot milder about Rutte’s appearance. โ€œIt‘s a start and I think that’s important,โ€ she said. Rutte had announced in advance that he would speak about โ€œradical ideasโ€, but that was disappointing Kaag. โ€œSometimes the trailer is more exciting than the movie.โ€

D66 became the second party in the elections and, together with the VVD, takes the lead in the search for the next coalition. Kaag is pleased with the proposals for the culture of governance made by the demissionary Prime Minister, for example for a thinner coalition agreement, faster release of official documents and more room for discussion in the Council of Ministers.

According to her, these are issues that D66 and other parties have been promoting for a long time. โ€œAnd of course we want much more.โ€ The D66 leader believes it is important to speed up formation so that problems can be tackled again.

CDA and Omtzigt

For that formation, the CDA is an important factor, even if only because the party is Rutte‘s favorite for the next coalition. That party will respond to the ideas of the VVD leader in the debate tomorrow. Furthermore, Rutte will speak at some point with the number 2 of the CDA, MP Omtzigt. He’s been at home overworked for some time and is very critical of the demissionary Prime Minister.

However, in the debate on the final report of Informer Tjeenk Willink, the continuation of the formation can begin. It is expected that Mariรซtte Hamer will be designated as the new informer in this debate. It may then take the next steps towards a new cabinet.