Opposition fierce about publication of new photos Grapperhaus

The position of Minister Grapperhaus of Justice and Security has not improved, now that Shownieuws has once again published pictures of his wedding. This shows that he violates several coronavirus rules. The left-wing opposition thinks that this makes him more unbelievable. The PVV and Forum for Democracy felt from the beginning that the minister had undermined his own authority.

SP leader Marijnissen says that in the new photographs it seems even more obvious that the other half meter rule has not been complied with. “That’s not a moment too close by accident, as the explanation was. It’s not just that others don’t obey the rules; he’s shaking hands himself.” Marijnissen thinks Grapperhaus should account for this extensively. “Because in doing so, he’s putting boa’s and cops in a very difficult position and undermines support for his own policy.”

Green-left leader Klaver also thinks this is a different story than last week. “Making a mistake and being too close to someone else can happen to all of us. But you just don’t shake hands, certainly not as Minister of Justice. It was the first meeting we all made in March.”

Asscher of the PvdA feels that this makes it clear “that there is a problem with the authority and credibility of the cabinet. Boos and police notice that on the street.” He’s curious how the Cabinet thinks it can fix this.

50Plus party chairman Van Brenk believes that the minister’s credibility has become “a tricky business”. She points out that the Minister of Justice and Security has an exemplary role. “Grandparents are not allowed to cuddle their grandchildren throughout the country. And here the rules are broken.”

Delete all criminal cases

According to Baudet (Forum for Democracy) this is class justice, because Grapperhaus himself has not been fined for breaking the rules. “How can there still be one coronation fine if the responsible minister doesn’t get a fine, while the whole of the Netherlands has seen him breaking the rules? Now Grapperhaus has to drop all criminal cases against corona offenders. And now that it is clear that even the Minister of Justice and Security does not believe in the other half society at all, it is high time to go back to the old normal”

PVV leader Wilders says Grapperhaus is “becoming more and more unbelievable by the minute.” I’m not even talking about the one and a half meter and making a mistake, but for someone like Grapperhaus, who takes a firm measure and calls others aso’s and hands out hefty fines to ordinary people, this is a total failure”

This afternoon there’s a debate in the House on corona policy. This will include the position of Grapperhaus. According to political reporter Wilco Boom it hasn’t gotten any better because of the new photos. Until today, the coalition parties and the left-wing opposition were “not after the political head of the minister”, he said in the CCeit Radio 1 News.

He said the Minister of Justice and Security had “quite a bit of credit in the Chamber” so far. “Unlike his predecessors, he hasn’t caused much trouble in his ministry. But now it’s getting harder to keep him in place.”

Minister De Jonge did not want to respond to the new publication on Grapperhaus this morning

The coalition parties haven’t reacted yet. The largest governing party, the VVD, refers to this afternoon’s debate. It starts at 3:45 p.m. and can be followed directly by CCeit.nl and NPO Politiek.