Opposition finds corona strategy unclear and illogical

The opposition does not consider the easing of the corona measures to go far enough. There is a debate this afternoon in the House of Representatives. In the run-up to the party leaders of non-government parties express their displeasure at the “unclear strategy” of demissionary Prime Minister and VVD leader Rutte. They feel that there is still too little perspective for young people.

Last night, the Prime Minister said at the press conference on the corona measures that he wants to agree with the whole of the Netherlands to abide by the rules. That was against the sore leg of PVV leader Wilders, who responded to Twitter: “Were not dealing with you, Rutte except were tired of you.” He uses the hashtag #klaarmetrutte.

The list tractors of smaller opposition parties address the measures more specifically. According to Klaver of GroenLinks, logic is lost. “You can get your nails done later, but a student cant study in the university library,” he says. The leader of the Green Left will present a proposal this afternoon, which will allow for more room for HBO and the university.

No perspective for young people

PVDA leader Ploumen has a similar reaction. She says that young people miss their friends and their old lives and that learning disadvantaged. “But the press conference does not offer perspective for young people and students, but it does offer the massage parlors that open.”

SP leader Marijnissen believes that the cabinet does not honour its promises by maintaining the curfew, which it was previously said would be the first to abolish. Marijnissen will argue this afternoon for a clear crisis approach: “We must relieve our concern as much as possible. Then open the schools, if thats safe. Return our freedoms, and then: open up the economy.”

Sigrid Kaag of Government Party D66 calls the alleviations announced essential. “Loneliness among young people and the elderly, learning disabilities, financial stress among entrepreneurs, it presses heavily on our society. The safe reopening of society is necessary for economic and social recovery.”

Election in three weeks

election will be in three weeks. The debate on the corona measures will therefore be a campaign debate more than ever. Apart from Wilders, last night Klaver also pointed out Ruttes second role “for the first time I have the idea that I was not watching a press conference by Prime Minister Rutte, but the leader of the VVD.”

From 09.00 am, the Dutch House will be updated in a technical briefing by Jaap van Delden (director of vaccination programme) and Jaap van Dissel (director of infection control), both of which are from RIVM. Afterwards, around 11.30 a.m., the debate begins with Prime Minister Rutte, coronaminister De Jonge and Minister Van Ark for Medical Care. Everything can be followed live on CCEit.com and NPO Politiek.