Opposition furious about ministers that MPs “mouth cords”

In the House of Representatives, opposition parties react furiously to the contents of the published minutes of the Council of Ministers, which shows that administrators had difficulty with difficult MPs. The coalition parties have not yet given a response. Next Thursday, the House of Representatives will return from recess to debate the contents of the Minutes.

The opposition parties PVV, SP, PvdA and Denk came soon after the secret talks in a number of ministerial councils from 2019 became public with firm criticism. They believe that ministers were mainly concerned with silencing and correcting critical MPs and limiting political damage.


SP leader Marijnissen says on Twitter: Its awful to read that the Rutte cabinet was busier to cover up than to solve the misery of innocent parents in the payment scandal. She says its not right.

Think-leader Azarkan finds it unbelievable that, in his view, the ministers were mainly trying to save their own asses. His confidence in the now demissionary cabinet is gone. PVDA leader Ploumen emphasises that the victims of the payment affair are still living in uncertainty. The Cabinet will be accountable on Thursday. Ignoring the problems, calming critical MPs and withholding information was considered, with the approval of the whole cabinet, more important than finding truth and helping the victims.


PVV leader Wilders believes that the demissionary cabinet, which has already fallen over the payment affair, should leave. Backstabbing and consciously the Chamber the requested information – factual story – not given. They need to get out and get out of here. All, says Wilders on Twitter.

In a letter to the President of the House of Representatives, Wilders writes that, on the basis of the minutes, his group concludes that the members of the Council of Ministers should be prosecuted under criminal law. He blames that the Cabinet did not provide the facts requested by the Chamber and writes that a criminal offence has been committed.

So far MPs mentioned in the Minutes, such as CDAer Omtzigt, have not yet made any comments. Omtzigt has been at home sick for some time.