Opposition Group Open Russia fears persecution and abolishes itself

The Russian opposition group Open Russia is abolishing itself. The organization founded by Kremlincriticus Mikhail Khodorkovsky wants to prevent members from being prosecuted by the authorities, writes news site The Moscow Times.

The organization is concerned about legislation that is now being dealt with by parliament. It provides for a more stringent approach to Russians who support ‘unwanted’ organisations. Open Russia got that stamp in 2017.

โ€œWe‘re doing this to prevent prosecution,โ€ said Director Andrei Pivovarov of the opposition group. โ€œElections are coming soon and the government is ready to do anything to oppose independent politicians.โ€

Kremlin denies

The Kremlin has already responded and denies that it tries to keep opponents from the political scene. President Putin’s spokesman said that the pluralism of Russian politics is okay.

Nonetheless, other opposition groups are also concerned. The political network of opposition leader Aleksey Navalni also recently decided to lift himself up. The authorities want to put that group on a list of extremist organisations.