Opposition leader Wine stops resisting lawsuit election results Uganda, “judges partisan”

Ugandan opposition leader Bobi Wine wants to withdraw the lawsuit he has filed against the outcome of the presidential elections. According to him, the Supreme Court counsel are biased.

In last months elections, Wine lost to his political rival Yoweri Museveni, the incumbent president. But according to Wine, the results are wrong.

He speaks of the most fraudulent elections in Uganda ever. Military people would have completed voter ballots and people would have been chased away from polling stations.

Judges are friends of president.

Wine went to the Supreme Court to challenge the outcome, but he now says that the counselors who have to decide the case are friends of Museveni.

According to a court spokesman, the case is still pending because Wine has not yet ordered his lawyers to stop the opposition. He speaks of a political game.

It is unclear whether Wine is now resigning to the outcome of the presidential elections, or whether he is going on with his opposition in another way.