Opposition leader wins Zambia presidential election

The Zambia presidential election was won by opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema. The Electoral Committee has announced that he has won a big win on President Edgar Lungu. It acknowledged his defeat.

59-year-old Hichilema is a former businessman who made five times in vain at the presidency in the African country. Last time, in 2016, he was defeated by Lungu. But it lost the voters favor in recent years, including the high inflation, corruption, human rights violations and the major debts in which he has put the country in.

United Party for National Development Hichilema promised to take the economy out of the demolition in the election campaign. It earned him a lot of votes in Thursdays elections, especially among younger voters. According to the electoral committee, he received 2.8 million votes. Lungu stayed at 1.8 million.

Constitutional Court

Lungu said shortly after the election that the polls had not been free and fair and that he was considering contesting any defeat. For example, violence would have been committed against supporters of his party Patriotic Front.

European Union election observers showed a different sound. They said state media have disadvantaged the opposition and pointed out that social media was locked around the elections, in an apparent attempt to counter young voters.

Now that the results are out, Lungu has said hes adhering to it. In a short statement on TV, he congratulated Hichilema and said that he will transmit power peacefully.

Hundreds of Hichilema supporters took to the streets tonight in the capital Lusaka to celebrate the results. Hichilema has called on its supporters to keep peace. โ€œWe chose a better Zambia that is free from violence and discrimination.โ€