Orange again misses a chance for a chance and gets criticized: ‘Frank de Boer: function elsewhere’

Oranje leads 0-1 halfway through the World Cup qualifying match against Gibraltar by a goal from Steven Berghuis. And that is a bit disappointing football in the Netherlands.
Please note: Gibraltar is FIFA World Rankings number 195 and has a goal balance of -133 over 30 matches. Berghuis broke the spell after 41 minutes.

We had to wait a long time for it, but there is finally the first Orange hit! Steven Berghuis pulls the trigger: 0-1. He also made the opening hit against Latvia. #GIBNED
โ€”CCEit Football (@ CCEitFootball) March 30, 2021

Luuk de Jong in the rush hour and then actually never come to a decent advance. #gibnet
โ€” Willem Vissers (@vkwillemvissers) March 30, 2021

Can a federal coach actually be dismissed in the rest of a game? I‘m asking for 17 million friends. #GIBNED
โ€” Rob Scheepers (@RobScheepers) March 30, 2021

For the enthusiast a quick calculation after 20 minutes: if Oranje continues to score at this pace you will reach about 0 goals after 90 minutes. #gibned
โ€” Bart Frouws (@bartf) March 30, 2021

You must have bought an abacus just for tonight. ๐Ÿค” #gibned
โ€” Jurriaan van Wessem (@JurrVanWessem) March 30, 2021

Frank de Boer: function elsewhere #gibned
โ€” Sjonnie Konnerie (@sjonniekonnerie) March 30, 2021

Am I watching an amateur game? What a sadness. #GIBNED
โ€” Jean Wanningen (@trias_politica) March 30, 2021

Everyone says Hugo the Young is a mess, but I think he’s gonna do better than De Boer as a federal coach. Me too, by the way #gibned
โ€” Prof. uncle Gasselich ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ท (@Prof_Gasselich) March 30, 2021

I think Wout Weghorst had already made 16 #gibned
โ€” R-GGH (@Rene_ggh) March 30, 2021

#Boskalis is on its way… #GIBNED #Gibraltar #Oranje
โ€” Hans V โญ•๏ธ S (@voshans) March 30, 2021

Tricky, Gibraltar home. #GIBNED
โ€” Suus (@MissPointwood) March 30, 2021

Dear @RonaldKoeman, is there a possibility that you will join the Dutch team? Just for the have.Few times flying back and forth a year, that‘s all. I’m asking this for 17 million people. #GibNed
โ€” LangeTooPie (@LangeToepie) March 30, 2021

So, that Gibraltar also knows where they stand
โ€” Leo Driessen (@LeoDriessen) March 30, 2021