Orange cant impress despite World Cup chance: It was just bad, really bad

Rafael van der Vaart and Pierre van Hooijdonk cannot speak of the game of Orange in the first half against Montenegro. The Dutch national team stands for 1-0, but all the positive has been said with that.
Memphis Depay took advantage of a penalty after an offence on Davy Klaassen. That was the only thing the Ajax midfielder showed. โ€œWe didnt see him outside the penalty and Wijnaldum didnt see him at all,โ€ says Van der Vaart during the rest analysis on the CCeit. โ€œIt was just really bad, bad at the ball and of course the field doesnt help. But there was so much loss of ball..โ€
There is a lot to improve in all lines. Van der Vaart would like more action to be taken in midfield. โ€œI know there
s little space, but they dont have a body language of here that ball either.โ€ Van Hooijdonk joins that and also points to the attackers. โ€œDanjuma moderate, Milling moderately, Memphis moderately. We just saw too little creativity.โ€