Orange has learned lessons from duel with USA: ‘Being smarter in change’

There was hope that the difference had been smaller last Friday. But the Dutch football players lost the reprise of the World Cup final against the United States with 2-0 chance.

Orange came sixteen months after the lost finals even to no real goal attempt. Although Vivianne Miedema and Stefanie van der Gragt were missing, the hard conclusion is that the difference in level is still great.


โ€œ I think were on the right track, but were losing the game on details,โ€ says defender Merel van Dongen. โ€œTo improve it, we will have to go hard on the bucket. Then we can win America in a few monthsโ€, Van Dongen is self-critical with a hint of bravado.

According to the player of Atlรฉtico Madrid, the areas for improvement lie in the switchover. โ€œOne of the lessons is that we have to be smarter in the changeover. Both if we conquer the ball and when we lose it. Thats where our biggest win point lies. In the second half against America, that went a lot better. That was a win point, I think.โ€

Focus on Kosovo

The focus shifted over the last few days from the duel with the number one in the world to the number 125, Kosovo, tonights opponent of Orange. Another challenge according to midfielder Sherida Spitse, for those who beckons the top score of the qualifying. โ€œWe will attack a lot and we can get better at that too.โ€


matter how you turn it, the opposition that the United States gave, the Netherlands did not have in the EC qualification. Its a world of difference. The Netherlands has long and broadly qualified and nothing is at stake against Kosovo. It is not the question of whether the Netherlands wins, but by how much.

The Dutch team had a trouble-free qualification with a maximum score after nine matches, with 42 goals for and 3 goals against. After the 7-0 victory over Estonia in October, qualification was a fact. The team will defend its EK title in the summer of 2022.

Orange trained Monday in the run-up to duel with Kosovo for the last time in 2020.

Pointy uses defeat against the United States as a good lesson. โ€œOf course, the game of Friday and the World Cup finals cannot be compared to each other. But I think we played football better than we did then. If we calm down at the ball and are more patient, we can also destroy the United States, even though they are the best in the world.โ€

So enough to do for coach Sarina Wiegman, who, due to personal circumstances, is missing from her team just like Friday. After the qualifying cycle, Orange can slowly prepare for the Olympic Games.