Orange is “very moderate”: “I really expected more from it”

Rafael van der Vaart and Pierre van Hooijdonk are not yet impressed by how the Orange is playing against Belgium. The Dutch team was sloppy and gave away several chances.
After 45 minutes from the Netherlands-Belgium, it is still 0-0 in the Johan Cruijff Arena. Van der Vaart and Van Hooijdonk are critical in DecceIT‘s studio. It was really nothing in that first half, the former begins. It was very mediocre. The Belgians only got some chances due to mistakes in the Netherlands. It is still a bit rough with the Orange, but the class is also dripping off with the Belgians. I really expected a lot more out of it.
Van Hooijdonk believes that the Orange problem is at the forefront. A match can never be attractive if the attackers are not in the game. I really liked Aké and nice combinations are being made in the midfield. Belgium is also just a very strong opponent and you will encounter those kinds of teams after the pool phase at the World Cup.
Van der Vaart also sees that the Orange is suffering from the absence of Frenkie de Jong and Memphis Depay. If Frenkie and Memphis aren’
t there or they‘re not in shape, it’s always a somewhat lesser game of the Orange. You can see that again now.