Orange Lionesses dont leave a spawn whole of Norway and make seven

The Orange Lionesses did not leave their opponents span on Tuesday night in a practice game with Norway. After more than ninety minutes of play, there was a 7-0 final score on the Grolsch Veste scoreboard.
For Sarina Wiegman, the match against Norway was a final measure. Tomorrow, the national coach will announce what names will go to the Tokyo Olympics this summer. Vivianne Miedema soon gained two life-size opportunities in the early stages, but forgot to finish them. The third chance, in the fourteenth minute, was hit: 1-0.
Then it remained quiet until Sherida Spitse set up for a free kick about ten minutes before rest. She shot the ball beautifully against the ropes and made it 2-0.
After rest, the Orange Lionesses went completely loose. Norway had no chance and got five more goals. Jill Roord, Dominique Janssen and Miedema quickly took care of the 5-0 intervals. Only at 7-0 did the counter stop. The last two goals were made by Shanice van de Sanden and Daniรซlle van de Donk.