Orange Lionesses on Report

The Orange Lionesses gave a 2-0 lead against Portugal on Wednesday, but still won and stand with one leg in the quarterfinal of the European Championships. Damaris Egurrola, Stefanie van der Gragt and Daniรซlle van de Donk took care of the hits, Football Primeur distributes report figures to the Mark Parsons team.
Daphne van Domselaar โ€” 6.5: Two opposing goals, a penalty and an unsustainable header that is. That a 2-0 lead was given away, the replacement of Sari van Veenendaal was therefore not to be blamed. Apart from those two countergoals of Carole Costa and Diana Silva, she played a reasonable match.
Lynn Wilms โ€” 6: Got into the team fairly silently as a regular right back. In the opening phase, Portugal often sought its flank, after which Wilms repacked.
Stefanie van der Gragt โ€” 6: She didn‘t come out of the opening game against Sweden completely fresh, but Van der Gragt doesn’t just knock you over. Defensive not flawless, but with her head power of great value in the opponent‘s penalty area: it was striking that she was surprised at Portugal’s 2-2.
Dominique Janssen โ€” 5,5: Against Sweden, Janssen lived up when she was finally allowed to swap the left-back position for a spot in the middle of the back. Against Portugal, she made a lesser turn and caused a schlemielig – easily given – penalty.
Marisa Olislagers โ€” 5: Redeserved against Sweden and then got a chance in the base. After an hour she was switched: by number ten Jรฉssica Silva, she needed hands and feet especially after rest.
Sherida Spitse โ€” 6.5: โ€œWhen she‘s not in shape, she’s always a question mark with Orange. But if she is in shape: just set upโ€, commenter Frank Wielaard said. A decent performance by the record international, who led the Orange as usual with the band under her arm.
Jill Roord โ€” 6.5: The most talked about Lioness in the run-up to the game. Roord was allowed to exchange the right flank for her favorite position at ten and did reasonably: not out of tune, not excelling either. She was unlucky that her goal was frowned upon, due to offside of Lineth Beerensteyn.
Damaris Egurrola โ€” 7.5: Hoe, sprinkle, score: The Basque American has been allowed to come out just before the Orange and immediately proved its worth in Leigh. When Jackie Greens can be deployed again, Parsons has a luxury problem in midfield.
Daniรซlle van de Donk โ€” 7.5: Where Roord acted as an attacking midfielder, Van de Donk was the occasional right-winger. After an hour of play, however, she smelled her chance and still surfaced in the ashes, resulting in the matchless 3-2.
Lineth Beerensteyn โ€” 5: Has been Miedema‘s stand-in for years and was allowed to prove himself as a worthy replacement against Portugal. The game of Orange was also tuned to it: where Miedema normally makes the game, this time an attempt was made to use Beerensteyn’s speed. However, she did not play a very happy match: she was not awarded an assist on Roord either, because of the offside moment discussed above.
Lieke Martens โ€” 5.5: At the 2017 golden European Championships, she was in the shape of her life. However, we did not often see the Martens of that time during the 2019 World Cup, the 2021 Olympics and also this European Championships. However, she was good for one and a half assist, on Van der Gragt and Van de Donk.
Substitutes Kerstin Casparij โ€” 6: Came in the team for Olislagers after an hour of play. That the Portuguese were starting to get tired may also play a part, but Casparij kept it closed more in the back left than her colleague from FC Twente.
Victoria Pelova โ€” 6.5: Fell in for Egurrola twenty minutes ahead of time. She played with guts and dared to look for the attack: partly because of this, Portugal could not really exert pressure in the final phase.
Esmee Brugts โ€” x: Solved Martens in the final phase and played too short for a review.
National Coach Mark Parsons โ€” 6: Got to deal with one setback after another and made logical choices with the remaining options. However, the Brit has not yet been able to make a played title candidate out of this Orange. Probably his first exam will only follow after the pool phase.