Orange Women Baling Rules at the Games: “We Feel Captive”

The Orange women have been in Japan for the Olympics for two weeks, but find all the rules they need to adhere to. They say they feel trapped.

In Japan there are very strict rules for athletes. And the Orange women don‘t sleep in the Olympic village either, but in other places. Last week they stayed in a hotel with a garden, where they could occasionally go. Since Saturday, they’ve been sleeping in a hotel where there is hardly any room to go outside.

More Countries

According to the Dutch football association KNVB, athletes from other countries find this difficult too. Together with British and Canadian athletes, they asked the organization of the Olympic Games if anything could change.

Yet Vivianne Miedema understands that this is part of it.

And that was certainly successful yesterday, because the Orange women won 10-3 from Zambia.