Orange women make no problem of interland in code-orange area

Nice to see those girls again. I trained with some of them during quarantine time, but now we are playing official matches with the team again. Thats just great. In short, Lieke Martens is eager to get back on track with the Dutch football team.

The Dutch team is on its way to qualify for the European Cup, which was to be held in England next year but has been moved to 2022 due to the corona pandemic. The titleholder has survived the first six games in qualifying group A injury-free and will hit Russia on Friday, with nine points from four games actually the only rival left in the battle for the group win.

Whether the Dutch women will have much to fear from the Russians, who were beaten 2-0 last October in Eindhoven, remains to be seen. The trip to Moscow may be more worrying in these times of corona. After all, code orange applies to Russia, and so the borders are closed to most people.

However, the Dutch team is simply getting on the plane. No, we have had no doubts, says national coach Sarina Wiegman. We did check it, because everyone has to feel safe. But we have such strict rules and good agreements on how to deal with the measures. I never say never, but the chance of anyone becoming infected with us is virtually zero

Martens is therefore not worried about it, although the outsider must admit that it is crazy to go there now. But everything is crazy in this period. We are going there to play football. Thats what the focus is on.

FC Twente purveyor

Thats what the Dutch will do with a selection in which, remarkably enough, FC Twente, with four women, is the purveyor to the court. This is because the players are divided over many clubs in Europe. But it also indicates that Twente is doing well, and that applies to many more clubs in the Netherlands. We again have quite a number of players from the premier league

So the three goalkeepers are all from the national league. Leader Sari van Veenendaal (PSV) is of course next to Lize Kop van Ajax and 20-year-old Daphne van Domselaar of FC Twente. The debutant benefits from the absence of Loes Geurts, who is recovering from a concussion.

It took some getting used to the level, but I enjoyed it, Van Domselaar looks back on her first training with the seasoned internationals. Its already cool that I get to compete between them. I especially hope to learn a lot from all the people who play football here. I think I have to focus on that and show what I can do

She doesnt normally have to do that in the Sapsan Arena in Moscow. Martens, on the other hand, will have to assert herself in her 114th interstate. I expect that they will collapse very badly and that we will be on the ball a lot, the 27-year-old from Limburg looks ahead. We will therefore have to be creative and keep up the ball rolling in order to create opportunities