Organizations demand prosecution of dj to ‘coronalied’ about Chinese

Ses civil society organizations want the judge to force the public prosecutor to prosecute radio DJ Lex Gaarthuis because of his coronal song. They are therefore starting a so-called Article 12 procedure at the court of appeal, i.e. a complaint about the OM’s decision not to prosecute.

In February there was a commotion about the carnival song Prevent is Better than Chinese, in which Gaarthuis sings about the coronavirus on Radio 10 as the type of tone, and blames the Chinese for it.

The Public Prosecution decided in June not to prosecute Gaarthuis because the song would be satirical and would fit “within the context of artistic expression”. The Public Prosecutor’s Office took the DJ’s apologies into account in that decision.

The organisations, three Asian-Dutch and three anti-discrimination organisations criticise that decision. They think that the song incites hatred, discrimination and violence.

“The prosecution judges that the statements are not unnecessarily hurtful, but the many reactions and reports give a different picture”, says Hui-Hui Pan of Pan Asian Collective. Wei Lun Lam of Asian Raisins: “Much is tolerated under the guise of artistic freedom, while such a song symbolizes the everyday racism we face.”