‘Organized crime behind liquidation Greek crime journalist’

The Greek authorities suspect that organized crime is behind the liquidation of the well-known crime journalist George Karaivaz.

That said Deputy Minister Economou for Civil Protection, who has the fight against crime in his portfolio, against public service broadcasting ERT. According to him, there is an โ€œopen warโ€ going on between rival gangs and he cited as an example the series of assassinations in recent years.


Karaivaz may have been the victim of such a hired assassination, writes Greek media, although the Deputy Minister stressed that the motives for the murder of Karaivaz are still unknown. This afternoon, the journalist was buried in his hometown Kallifytos, in northeastern Greece.

Karaivaz worked for the commercial channel Star TV and kept a blog. He regularly paid attention to organized crime and corruption.

Hit by ten bullets

The journalist was shot dead on Friday near his home in Athens. It is now known that he was hit by ten bullets. Detectives suspect that professional assassins are behind the murder; Karaivaz was shot six times in the chest and twice in the head.

Police have surveillance footage showing the shooters, reports the Greek newspaper Ekathimerini. It shows how two men drive away on a scooter after the liquidation.

Further research is being carried out on the journalists phone, blog and computer. The Greek police already announced on Friday that it seems that the liquidation was carefully planned. For example, the perpetrators would have waited for Karaivaz at his house for about 10 minutes. They hit when he got out of his car.