Origami Platformer A Tale of Paper to be released on RS and consoles

Last October, Open House Games studio released โ€œPaper Tale,โ€ a touching A Tale of Paper adventure, on PlayStation 4. The game became a Sony exclusive for the year after winning the V PlayStation Talents Awards. Now developers have announced that they will release A Tale of Paper on other platforms with assistance Digerati publishing.

In the third to fourth quarter, the game will appear on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series XS. This will add new content: three prequel chapters in which we play as a brand new hero.

Paper Tale hero is a paper boy who gets into a dangerous journey to fulfil its creator‘s dream. The boy is weak, but he is helped by his ability to fold in origami figures: each has one and only smart.

You can get to know the A Tale of Paper demo on Steam. More on Ionia’s Iomania, the first installment of the upcoming Rhythm of the Universe series, will come out by fall Minute of Islands unexpectedly came out on RS, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch Drawn Platformer Unbound: Worlds Apart is released on July 28.