Original and remaster of Mass Effect trilogy compared side-by-side

GameSpot journalists produced a comparative video of the original and the Mass Effect remaster, where side by side compared most of the footage of the fresh reissue trailer to the computer versions of the original releases . In some screenshots you can see that BioWare even in Mass Effect 3 is not limited to the usual increase in the quality of textures – Liara, for example, reduced pupils, and the geometry of some the details of her equipment became more difficult. Original ME3A reissue of the ME3A texture model Admiral David Anderson to the remaster were finally able to boot – in the original, including the third part, they were of very low quality .

In the rest, most improvements are noticeable in the first part – but it is not surprising. Judging by many screenshots of the original, BioWare changed the type of armor materials in the first Mass Effect.

In addition, by the way, Ashley also had her eye size reduced. Also for the first part remade cinematic videos, thanks to which they became much better.

In general, it is noticeable that for the first part, the developers seriously worked on the materials – Saren‘s equipment has become much more realistic. And in some scenes there were much more effects – when it first came to the Citadel, it is now shrouded in smoke.

Of other notable innovations, it is worth noting the lighting – now the characters in the frame are more often โ€œhighlightedโ€. This feature is likely to become one of the most controversial in the community.

The new coverage is noticeable and in a scene with Grunt from Mass Effect 2. Now the young krogan is highlighted completely, as is the back of Shepard’s head.

But the detail of the character has grown noticeably – look at the hands. Zaid, like Anderson, in the original there were low-quality textures – in the remaster an injustice fixed.

Garrus in Mass Effect 2 and looked so good, and for the remaster he only improved the textures. In Mass Effect 3, Shepard clearly improved the detail of the costume, and also worked on the surroundings.

And this scene, which already looks good in the original, just got even better in Remaster. Mass Effect Legendary Edition is released on May 14 on PS4, Xbox One and PC, and PS5 and Xbox Series owners are waiting for certain improvements on backward compatibility.

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