Original Mass Effect 2 and 3 saves are compatible with Legendary Edition on PC

Players found that the original Mass Effect 2 and ME3 saves are compatible with fresh remasters on PC – they can simply be moved to the Legendary Edition folder and continue from the same place. Similar, however, is impossible for the first part – apparently, due to much greater changes. Mass Effect Legendary Edition was released yesterday – critics were satisfied with the quality of the collection, but in Russia players are unhappy with the inability to combine English voice and Russian subtitles in of the first part.

In the rest, users also warmly welcomed the novelty. More on Gambling In Mass Effect 3 Legendary Edition adjusted Talis face without mask The sequel of the new film adaptation Tomb Raider received the headline โ€œObsidianโ€ The network appeared footage of new Cinderella with Billy Porter as a fairy.