Orlando commemorates massacre in gay club five years after attack

In Orlando, Florida, the victims of the terror attack in a gay club were commemorated exactly five years ago yesterday. The Pulse nightclub attack killed 49 people, especially young people. Dozens were injured.

The memorial wall that was erected for the victims two years after the attack, flowers were laid. Mayor of Orlando Buddy Dyer said that the dead should also be commemorated with โ€œreal change.โ€ He promised to help create a community where everyone feels equally appreciated and protected.

Terrorist Omar Mateen opened fire on the visitors of gay club Pulse in Orlando in June 2016 with a semi-automatic gun. In phone conversations with police and media, he said he acted on behalf of Islamic State. He was eventually shot dead by the police. It was one of the bloodiest terrorist attacks in the US since September 11, 2001.

National Monument

President Joe Biden also thought about the fifth commemoration of the massacre. In a statement, Biden described the site of the terror attack as โ€œholy groundโ€. Thats why he named the gay club as a national monument.

The President also writes that more is needed โ€œto tackle the public health epidemic of weapon violence in all its formsโ€, from massive shootings to daily acts of violence that do not reach the national news. Biden also called on the Senate to adopt a bill to provide more legal protection to non-straight Americans.