Ornamental House made lightning transfer: ‘People forget that it is far-reaching choice’

Kaj Sierhuis was approached by Stade de Reims in January of this year and had to decide quickly on a possible transfer. The striker, at the time rented by Ajax to FC Groningen, sought out his new club and decided to take the step.

Sierhuis scored five days earlier against Ajax and received a call from France. โ€œQuite a bizarre time and also excitingโ€, says the striker, who has been selected for Jong Orange, opposite DeccEit. โ€œNormally you want to take the time for a transfer, but Reims reported shortly before the transfer deadline. I‘ve barely been able to think.โ€
Reims was an unknown club for the 22-year-old attacker, so he had to forget a lot of information in a short time. โ€œI looked at LiveScore how they stood in the Ligue 1, looked at the selection at Transfermarkt and looked for some summaries on Youtube. You can’
t do much more.โ€
Eventually Sierhuis decided to make the step. He has been playing in Reims for almost a year now and has experienced how difficult a transfer abroad can be. โ€œIt is sometimes forgotten by people who do not see footballers as people, but only as football players. But something like that is a pretty far-reaching choice in your life. That can be mentally tough for players.โ€