Oscar ceremony this year completely different and in multiple locations

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science will take place in several places this year, says the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science to The Hollywood Reporter.

One of these places is the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, where the ceremony usually takes place. In addition, we look at locations in other cities where actors and filmmakers could personally receive the Oscar statue. Oscars could also be awarded outside the US in cities such as London, Paris or Seoul.

The idea behind it is that the nominated actors and filmmakers have to travel less and that sufficient distance can be kept at the different locations.

In addition, most of the ceremony will probably be digital as well. The winners will then be told via a video link that they will receive an Oscar statue.

The annual Oscar ceremony has already been moved from 28 February to 25 April due to the coronapandemic. Soon the Academy will come with more details about the ceremony in 2021.