Out in the Netherlands: these are the plans for the autumn holidays

Every week we gauge the opinion of readers via cceit.com/lifestyle. This time: what are your plans for the autumn holiday?

Autumn is approaching, so the question arises as to what we are going to do during the autumn holidays. Many of you would have liked to cross the border and travel to southern Europe, but still stay in the Netherlands – forced because the country has an orange code or because you consider it safer here.

For example, Otto Oosterloo goes for a midweek to the Camping Waalstrand in the Gelderse Gendt and Jacqueline van der Wal spends a week in a cottage in Schoorl. Walking and shopping with the kids along the beach in Bergen aan Zee

Leo Verkerk would have liked to relax on the Mediterranean Sea, but is still staying in the Netherlands. Wait and see where and when it‘s possible in connection with corona; safety comes first

Some readers deliberately choose a holiday across the border. We are going to Turkey, away from the Netherlands, writes Jan van der Star resolutely. Others are going to enjoy their postponed spring holidays, like Mr Van Manen from Blaricum. In the vicinity of Lagos in Portugal. It is a safe country and we keep an eye on the rules Whatever you are planning, we wish you lots of autumn fun!

No risks

We just stay at our campsite in the Netherlands, where we don’t have too many people around us. As far as age is concerned, we are at risk, so we prefer not to take any unnecessary risks.

P.H. Meijer

Cottage in Schoorl

This year because of the corona unfortunately not a week of sunshine, but we did go to a house in Schoorl. Take the kids for a walk along the beach, go shopping in Bergen aan Zee and eat out! We will make it a wonderful week.

Jacqueline van der Wal

Unfortunately, the Netherlands

We have been camping in France for four weeks this summer. There you feel much safer than here. In principle, we will also go there during the autumn holidays. But unfortunately the Vaucluse is now orange while there are almost no infections in ‘our’ village. So it will be the Netherlands.

Conny Heijkoop

Autumn in Portugal

At the end of September we are going with car and caravan to Portugal, where our three children and their families will fly to on 11 October. They have rented three mobile homes. We are going to enjoy the surroundings of Lagos. Our children will stay for a week, we will drive back ourselves around the end of November.

W. van Manen


Unfortunately, we had to cancel the autumn holiday, the tickets had already been booked in December 2019. We had rented a nice house near Malaga to celebrate our thirtieth wedding anniversary with the children and grandchildren. Unfortunately corona throws a spanner in the works and we converted everything to May 2021.

Linda van Duist