Outbreak attempt in Syrian prison full of IS fighters’ foiled ‘

In northeast Syria, IS fighters have tried to free incarcerated members of the terrorist organization from a prison. According to the Kurdish militia SDF, which monitors the cell complex, the outbreak attempt has failed.

An unknown number of prisoners would have been killed in battles with guards. At the same time as the outbreak attempt, a car bomb also went off in the area. According to the SDF, fighters of the terror organization had infiltrated neighborhoods around the prison in Hasakah.

Thousands of ex-fighters and their families

In that prison, several thousand former Islamic State fighters and their families are trapped. Some of them come from European countries. According to previous reports, a number of captured terrorists also escaped, but later it turned out that, according to the Kurdish media, this was not the case.

It happens more often that IS tries to free its members. For example, in 2019, hundreds of prisoners managed to escape from a prison for jihadists.

More recently, British media reported that former combatants can also buy themselves freely from the Kurdish prisons. The SDF has several times called on European countries to try captured IS fighters in their country of birth.