Outdoor quarantine “chops in” for skateboard star Candy Jacobs

It‘s day seven of Candy Jacobs quarantine. The skateboard star was the first contagion of the Dutch team and is staying at a special quarantine hotel with space for some 300 infected people. It does chop, especially that I haven’t seen an outdoor air. I sleep very little, I don‘t eat much. Virtually not really, says Jacobs via Skype.

In addition to Jacobs are taekwondoka Reshmie Oogink, rower Finn Florijn, tennis player Jean-Julien Rojer, rowing coach Josy Verdonkschot and a member of the rowing crew’s staff who wants to stay anonymous at the hotel. Team Quarantine, as we call it ourselves, the skateboard star shampers.

Candy Jacobs gives a tour of her quarantine room:

Earlier today, TeamNL technical director called the conditions under which they are in quarantine unacceptable. ‘ They don‘t see daylight, can’t air, and there are problems especially Japanese food. They‘re in small boxes, says Maurits Hendriks.

Unacceptable may be a bit violently expressed, but at least it’s a situation where no one should be, says Candy Jacobs from her room at the quarantine hotel. Especially not having outside air is quite violent. We do have a window but it can‘t open, the doors can’t open either, so yes unacceptable might be the right word.

Great pressure from the population

Japan is known to have strict corona measures, so could the Netherlands not have foreseen this? According to correspondent Sjoerd den Daas, that is partly true. Those ten days of quarantine, that‘s been fixed for months, he says. According to him, the Dutch Olympic Team could well know that this was the procedure, but maybe they couldn’t have foreseen the regime within the hotel.

Hendriks said earlier today that for months he and his team asked the organization for information about the protocols for months, but they didn‘t get them.

However, according to Den Daas, NOC*NSF sports dome could have expected it to be a strict policy. In Japan, they’re really like the death of Japanese being infected by the Olympics. From the locals there is a lot of pressure to take care of this neatly and tightly. It is a country that, like China, Australia, Korea and Taiwan, does not take any risks. Maybe the Netherlands assumed a little too easy that it would be fine.

Meanwhile, Candy Jacobs and the other members of ‘Team Quarantine’ have been able to breathe some outdoor air for the first time in seven days today. I had made a battle plan this morning because I felt something needed to change because it‘s really undoable, says Jacobs.

Eventually succeeded with the help of the team psychologist and Maurits who has also been busy behind the scenes. So we just spent fifteen minutes away from an open window and I’ve rarely been so grateful for anything. Sounds very scant, but that was really worth the battle.


Despite everything, the skateboard star knows how to have fun in her room. I‘ve gotten my jigsaw puzzle by now, so I can puzzle all day long and I like that.

She also tries to keep moving a little bit. I try to do a trick every day with my skateboard, not to the joy of my neighbours, but I still try to keep myself occupied. I also try to make my 10,000 steps every day and I usually save that. I also have a lot of contact with the home front and count the days until I’m free again.