Outrage to abuse on TikTok: seeing dancers naked

For some time now the Silhouette challenge viral goes on TikTok. The purpose of this challenge is to stand in front of a doorway with a red filter. Because of the color of the filter, only your silhouette is visible, so you can record a sexy movie without completely exposing yourself. However, this does not seem to be entirely risk-free.

Warn users of the Chinese social media platform: The filter for the silhouette movies can be easily removed. As a result, the mysterious dancers – who often record the video almost without clothing – suddenly come into their nakie. Since many social media users seem to find it difficult to keep their imagination, Youtube, Twitter and Reddit tutorial videos show you how to remove the red filter.

Violation of privacy

Twitter users respond disappointed and feel that the challenge is now somewhat ruined. In addition, they find the fact that Youtube and Twitter allow these videos a violation of privacy.

Not only with the Silhouette Challenge, TikTok has unleashed a lot on Thursday. In Italy, a stricter age control for users of the medium has been introduced after the death of a ten-year-old girl. The girl died when she probably wanted to show her guts and put the video on TikTok. The Italian authorities speak of a very important step. Under pressure from the Italian authorities, TikTok has promised to abide by the controls. Users under the age of 13 are excluded from the app.

This is made possible by blocking access for all users in Italy from February 9. It will only be released once the birth data has been entered.

The age limit of thirteen years is already in the Tiktok terms, but many young users make themselves older when they register. Experts argue that internet companies can estimate age through automatic analysis of posted videos and behavior on the Internet.

The Tiktok platform is not only viewed by the Italian data protection authorities with scepticism. Other countries also keep an eye on the app.