Outriders for an hour became a hit on Steam – it has already entered the top 10 on online

We did not have time to release the news about the release of Outriders, as cooperative action showed some incredible results on Steam โ€” it was already in the top 10 on peak online in 24 hours. At the time of writing the note online exceeds 97 thousand people. Even for a major novelty, this is a powerful result, what to say about the seemingly modest release of Square Enix and People Can Fly, which also immediately became part of the Xbox Game Pass.

Update (20:40). After another 40 minutes online grew to 103 thousand people – this is the best result for Square Enix on Steam.

Behind only Tomb Raider (2013), which after a giveaway last year showed online in 89 thousand people. It seems like non-trivial attempts to promote an action movie like the release of a multi-hour demo with the ability to carry the save gave their fruit – the game attracted a lot of attention.

At least on PC. Supporting a common online across all platforms also certainly helped at the start.

By comparison, the peak online free demo of Outriders on Steam was 55,000 people. Also, the game probably helped by the almost complete absence of competitors – from major releases even to remember especially nothing.

In a month, on April 30, except that Returnal will come out. Remarkably, Outriders easily bypassed the peak online โ€œAvengersโ€ โ€” another action film Square Enix, on which the publisher was betting heavily.

The one on release drew 31,000 people, and a month later lost 90% of the audience. The release of updates didnt particularly help the situation.

Publisher and developers Outriders can only be congratulated on a successful start. More on Ghostrunner for Ghostrunner prepare a lot of content – the schedule of Comic-Con release in New York are also planning to hold in the old format Authors of the new version of โ€œShamans Kingโ€ ; showed a fresh screensaver.