Outriders: only owners of NVIDIA video cards can put single player on pause

Like many other games, especially game services, the cooperative role-playing action movie Outriders does not allow players to pause even a single player game. However, players found a workaround. To put the single player on pause, gamers use the Ansel photo mode, which was supported by Outriders.

The only problem: Ansel is only available on NVIDIA graphics cards in the GeForce Experience. Previously, another Outriders problem caused the requirement for a permanent internet connection.

An unexpected influx of players, peaking online at the start – more than 100 thousand, led to the fall of servers. Because of this, players could not play even alone.

Developers of Outriders from the studio People Can Fly have already apologized to the players. Now the authors are working to improve the stability of the game and servers, which are gradually coming into line.

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