Ova Magica met its target on Kickstarter by 1031%

Four days remain until the final of the campaign on the Kickstarter simulator of life on the farm and tame monsters Ova Magica. But the creators of the game have long had nothing to worry about: a modest goal of 25 thousand dollars is executed by 1031%. At the same time in the first day fees amounted to more than 230% of the planned amount.

The game works programmer and game designer from Germany Claudia Gorski. She is assisted by a freelance artist from Thailand and a musician from England.

And the American publishing house Top Hat Studios provides console versions and prepares box editions. In Ova Magica we have to take care of our own farm, tame strange animals, start friends and novels in the nearest city, go on expeditions, fight with wild monsters, do crafts and everything else, what we expect from a game of this kind.

The game goes on PC, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series in 2022. At the time of release, Russian localization is not promised, but the creators of the game plan to add more languages over time.

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