Over 36,000 people want payment compensation, payout in progress

In total, 36,196 parents have applied to qualify for compensation of 30,000 euros due to problems with childcare allowance. At the beginning of this year it was almost 26,000 and since mid-February a group of more than 10,000 has been added, according to the latest figures of the Ministry of Finance.

โ€œ Its a huge number. Every parent is one too many,โ€ says responsible Secretary of State Van Huffelen of Finance. โ€œBut we are very concerned that they have reported to us.โ€

A group of 15,500 parents will receive the compensation of 30,000 euros in the bank account around 1 May. Van Huffelen hopes that the payout will be โ€œan important step towards recovering the injustice that has been done to themโ€.

Push in the back

In December, after a meeting in Cathuis on the critical report on the unjustifiably harsh fraud hunt by the Tax Administration, the government found that the parents who had been affected should receive financial compensation quickly. The amount of EUR 30,000 should be paid no later than 1 May. Parents would have to have reported before February 15.

The amount of money, now referred to as the Catshuisregeling, is intended to compensate for the damage suffered. Van Huffelen spoke of a โ€œpush in the backโ€ for a good future. Some parents were on the heels for years by the Tax Administration, which unjustifiably recovered high sums of childcare allowance. It caused great misery, like house evictions, divorces and mental problems.

How many people applied for the settlement? Figures available until 27 April:

In December, a group of approximately 9000 victims were in the picture. After the deadline of February 15, the counter stood at 25,946 parents. Now it appears that a group of 10,250 parents have reported to the Implementation Organization Recovery Supplements (UHT).

The officials of this organisation have reviewed the applications in recent months. A โ€œlight buttonโ€ is done to see if there are any parents who have been duped. That is, not all underlying documents are viewed. Its too time consuming.

Yesterday Van Huffelen told the House of Representatives that of the first group of 25,946 parents not everyone gets money at the moment. It concerns 9,463 parents. They did not receive any money because the light test showed that their income was too high or because they had changed the number of reception hours.

No children

Another reason is that the parents were unreachable by phone after multiple calls, texts or letters. No money will be transferred if the bank details are not checked. The rejected group also includes people who do not turn out to have children. Van Huffelen doesnt want to speak of fraudsters. โ€œThey may also have problems with the care or rental allowance, for example.โ€

This group of rejected parents, who received this notification by letter, is reviewed. โ€œWe have written that they are not eligible now, but that we are going to see it in fullโ€. Van Huffelen also calls on everyone to call the UHT if they have any questions.

Applications from the new group of registered parents will be reviewed in the coming months. โ€œWe will continue until the last parents are helped,โ€ promises the Secretary of State.