Over 40 years old European heat record is killed: 48.8 degrees in Sicily

It is the highest temperature ever measured on European territory: 48.8 degrees. Established in Floridia, a town in Sicily, about 10 kilometres from the port city of Syracuse. This is what the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera reports.

If the measurement is considered reliable by the World Meteorological Organization after investigation, the 1977 record, measured in the Greek capital Athens, will fall. Thats where it got 48.0 degrees. In 1999, 48.5 degrees were recorded in Sicily once, but that measurement was never officially recognized.

There is a chance that temperatures will rise even further in the coming days: the peak of the heat wave is expected on Friday. The Italian government issued code red for eight cities. Temperatures of about 40 degrees are expected in both the province of Tuscany and the capital of Rome.

In Greece, too, temperatures have been very high in recent days. Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis previously called the heat wave the worst since 1987, and hundreds of forest fires have broken out due to the heat wave.