Over 6 tons embezzled in new financial scandal municipality of The Hague

Within the municipality of The Hague there is once again an embezzlement of a large amount of money. It is about almost 630.000 euros, reports Broadcasting West. A 30-year-old woman from The Hague and her 32-year-old boyfriend have been arrested.

The woman worked in a district office where financial irregularities were found at a payment column. The column is intended for cash payments for passports and driving licenses. The desk staff of the office ensure that there is enough change in the payment column. They replenish the money from a safe somewhere in the office. If there‘s not enough money there, it’ll be reordered.

Too little money in the vault

One employee found that the amount of money in the safe was very low compared to what should be in it according to the accounting records. The municipality started an investigation and it showed that in recent months more and more change was being ordered without good reason. The exact size of the cash difference was found to be EUR 627,386.12.

In the investigation, the 30-year-old woman emerged as a suspect. She was arrested at the end of December on suspicion of theft, computer peacekeeping and money laundering. Early this month, her boyfriend was arrested on suspicion of money laundering. When searching his home and storage box, the police seized several exclusive vehicles and expensive branded clothing. The suspects may await their criminal case freely.

Second embezzlement case in a short time

Last summer a large embezzlement case came to light within the municipality of The Hague. An official was dismissed for fraud amounting to EUR 1.7 million. In this case, the municipality had seized the husband‘s and his wife’s house, a Porsche worth about 24,000 euros and 80,000 euros in cash.