Over a hundred flood deaths, Sudan declares a state of emergency

In Sudan, a state of emergency has been declared due to heavy flooding. Since the end of July, continuous rain has flooded more than 100,000 houses and drowned at least a hundred people.

Approximately half a million Sudanese were affected by the floods. Tens of thousands of people have fled, reports the UN aid organization. As a result of the heavy monsoon rains last month, the water level in the Nile rose by 17.5 meters. According to the Sudanese government this is the highest level in a century.

Water sources polluted

The UN warns that the situation will deteriorate further. This monsoon month is also expected to see above average rainfall in the North African country.

The floods have so far polluted some 2,000 water sources. The UN insists that access to drinking water is particularly important in the context of the coronapandemic.

Last year, the rainy season also led to large-scale flooding in Sudan. According to the UN, a total of about 78 people died as a result.