Over a quarter of EU citizens say they refuse vaccine

More than a quarter of adults in the European Union do not want to be vaccinated against corona. According to the EU Research Office Eurofound, they will refuse a prick if they are offered it.

Over a period of several months, the agency questioned tens of thousands of EU citizens in all 27 Member States. In Eastern Europe, in particular, the willingness to vaccinate is low: in Bulgaria, 61% of respondents say they refuse to take a shot. In Ireland, that is only 10%.

The Netherlands scores slightly above the EU average. Here, 31 percent of respondents say they dont get vaccinated. People between 35 and 49 years of age, the unemployed and people with disabilities are particularly skeptical about vaccination.

Social Media

Eurofound figures show that there is a clear link between vaccine scepsis and the use of social media. In countries where Twitter, Facebook and other social networks are the main news source for many people, such as in Bulgaria, many people are not eager to get a shot. This is partly due to the fact that it is precisely on social media that a lot of fake news is circulated, as European researchers say.

They therefore argue that governments should make more work on better communication via social media. The longer people sit on social media, the less trust they have. Also in countries where there is little confidence in the government, vaccination is much lower.

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