‘Over forty thousand fans can go to the semifinals and finals of the EC’

Wembley will be half filled with supporters during the semifinals and finals of the European Championships. English media report about 45,000 supporters are allowed to take place in the London football temple.
The corona rules in England will be extended for another month, but Wembley will make an exception. According to The Guardian, that means 45,000 supporters can take place when the last four countries compete for the European title. The three races are classified as โ€œresearch momentsโ€.
That means that rules that prohibit people‘s gathering don’t apply at the time. Fans who want to go to the matches will need to bring their vaccination passport or present a negative test. The semifinals will be played on July 6 and 7, after which the final will be completed on July 11. The Three Lions already played a match on Wembley (1-0 against Croatia) and then did it for 22,500 people.
All corona rules were planned to be released in England on June 21, but the advance of the so-called Delta variant has decided to postpone it for a month.