Overmars contacted Lang: ‘That touches me, but it also hurts me’

Noa Lang is very disappointed that he has not been able to live up to his big dream. The wing attacker knew from childhood that he wanted to succeed at Ajax at all costs.

Now Lang plays at Club Brugge, where he is one of the most outstanding players for the time being. The Rotterdammer would have liked to see that differently. โ€œIt was my dream to break through at Ajax and become a success,โ€ he says in a big interview with De Cceit. โ€œI hate the fact that it stayed in that one match at FC Twente (where Lang made a hat trick, red.). I know there was a lot more in it and Ajax knows that too.โ€
Marc Overmars, director of football affairs of the Amsterdammers, will contact regularly. โ€œThe other day I got a message from him that I am doing well in Bruges and that he is proud of me. Before that, he had already sent that he let me go with pain in the heart. That touches me and I like it, but it hurts too. I wanted to succeed in Amsterdam. I cried at Ajax several times after I left.โ€
Ultimately, Lang did not feel trust from Erik ten Hag and that was one of the reasons to leave the Johan Cruijff Arena. โ€œI felt the trust of a lot of people, but the trainer didnt offer me any perspective. Its always said that you have to enforce it yourself. But you cant if you never get a chance. In the preparation I showed it, but after that I never played. Then it will be difficult.โ€