Overmars said this has to be my year, that confidence gives me the trainer

Ryan Gravenberch is heading for a base at Ajax this season. The eighteen-year-old midfielder hopes to get off to a good start on Sunday visiting Sparta, where brother Danzell is active.

Marc Overmars told me when I renewed my contract that this should be my year. I feel that trust and the trainer has also given me that trust, says Gravenberch in De CCeit. The word reliability is commonplace. The trainer insists on that. In the past I used to sleep. And Winston Bogarde also helped me defend myself. As an assistant and former top defender he is very busy with the defenders and controlling midfielders
The young Dutchman continues to take a critical look at his game. In defending I can be fiercer. And the balance between attacking and defending needs to be improved. By nature I am not a leader. With my height I really have to be a leader He thinks he can learn something from Danzell. I always compare Danzell to Brian Brobbey. So we are different physically, but also in character. I am calm and he is more grrrrr
The Sparta striker praises his younger brother. I am a proud brother and full of praise for Ryans development. He has exceptional qualities. Ryan can set players free, pass a man from standstill and is a graceful player. If you are the youngest player and the youngest goalie of Ajax, that is very special. I hope a lot of beautiful things will follow