Overwatch 2: new maps, hero pumping, story campaign, PvP and more

As part of the BlizzConline exhibition, developers from Blizzard arranged a nearly 40-minute Overwatch 2 presentation, sharing a lot of new details. Remake Diablo II, a rabble in Diablo IV &mdash ; as shown at the opening of BlizzConline New Maps and PvP Two new maps โ€” Rome and New York. The new hero Sojourn uses an automatic rifle with an alternative firing mode in the form of a rail gun.

Authors make experimental changes to PvP. The team experiments with passive abilities for roles.

The tanks received resistance to discarding and a reduced charge of ults for those firing at them. Heroes dealing damage received a boost to their movement speed.

And support characters are slow automatic recovery (after not taking any damage for a period of time). Tanks are recycled to make them more suitable for melee battles rather than just sponges for enemy damage.

For example, Reinhardt received two Charge of the Fire Strike ability and a more managed Jerk with the ability to mark it. All these experiments may not make it into the final version.

Rapid melee attacks were redesigned with better impact reaction animation and more impressive sound effects. The sounds of the weapons were recycled, too.

The sound changes markedly depending on the surroundings, with guns loudly reporting that they are running out of ammunition. Developers can replace existing modes including Point Capture.

Hero Missions Hero Missions mode is a replayable cooperative PVE mode that aims to attract players, less interested in competitive regimes. Hero Missions are designed to pump heroes (see below).

The team plans to make hundreds of Hero Missions. In doing so, they will not feel like grind.

Hero Missions include elements of the plot. You can play for any character.

All existing maps are used in Hero Missions. Some cards will get brand new zones.

For example, the trolley on the King‘s Row map will have to do a slightly different path than usual. Hero Missions cards will be playable at different times of day โ€” day, sunset and night.

Also Hero Missions will get a dynamic weather change, including a sandstorm, blizzard and rain. Weather conditions will be listed on the world map before the mission begins, allowing you to choose the right hero.

One of Hero Missions’s tasks is called Gather and Return. Players need to collect canisters throughout the map and return them to the marked locations.

Other types of missions are called Wall of Death, Scavenger Hunt and Kill Quest. Campaign Campaign Overwatch 2 talks about how Overwatch members got back together to find out who‘s behind the second by the revolt of the Omnikov.

Each mission features cinematic intro and outro with smooth transitions to and from gameplay. Music themes were created forevery playable hero and each location.

Each story mission unfolds on a specially created map. They are described as โ€œabsolutely gigantic.

โ€ On the map of India, the team is rescued from the temple when fire causes elements of the map to fall apart, guiding players through corridors and into wide open spaces. This is one of the biggest maps in the history of Overwatch.

The Gothenburg map includes a location located inside Torbjorn’s workshop. Events on the map of Toronto take place during the Zero Sector siege during a snow storm, so snow will accumulate as it progresses through the level.

Friendly NPCs can be seen on the map. The choice of heroes for missions is limited to a certain set of options.

Available characters will receive replicas, and different combinations will lead to different conversations and branching dialogues during the mission. Pumping heroes Progression of heroes for PVE modes was essential reworked since the first showing of the game at BlizzCon 2019.

Now each character has been given separate talent trees. Each tree is focused on a certain style of play, although there are no restrictions on pumping talent in different trees.

Reinhardt‘s trees are called Crusader, Juggernaut and Guardian, while Soldier 76 is named Commander, Rifleman and Vigilante. Each tree received 7 levels of talent.

Trees allowed developers to break their own established rules. For example, Angel was returned to the area resurrection.

Other new abilities include twin grenade launchers for Riper, Angel’s ability to fire explosive charges from his staff, and Reinhardt‘s ability to press multiple enemies at once. In addition, thanks to talents, heroes weapons can get new effects.

Reinhardt’s Fire Strike turns into Ice Strike, and Rat Traps get an electric shock effect. Appearance of Heroes Developers have improved fabric technology, and more advanced facial animation will allow the characters to be more expressive, especially in synematics.

McCree aged and also received a thicker beard and more armor. Farah‘s armor received more white color and transparent took away so that her emotions could be seen better.

Reaper and Fatal Widow also got new costumes, and the latter’s hair braid into a braid. Opponents Developers realized that PVE-enemies were not interesting enough in the 2019 build, so zero-sector remade for more exciting battles.

Now opponents respond better to hits and even lose body parts, but continue to fight. Larger enemies have weaknesses to exploit.

Reactions of opponents can cause chain reactions. Once in one enemy, he can be confronted with another.

This way you can eliminate whole rooms of enemies if you use the rightabilities. The team is experimenting with elite enemies who not just receive additional health or damage, but also new weapons, abilities, or behavior.

A normal opponent can shoot slowly and collapse after death, while the elite will shoot queues and try to crawl up to the player and explode when defeated. In different missions, completely different types of enemies will appear.

A Breacher, for example, is a walking bomb that moves slowly towards its target and must be destroyed before it transforms and explodes. Puller is a blindfolded opponent, equipped with three balls that act as an eye-catching beam.

In an interview with IGN, Overwatch 2 development head Jeff Kaplan noted that the team intends to be more sociable with the audience. Perhaps, new details of the game will be shared in March or April.

While Overwatch 2 does not even have an approximate release date. More on CCeit Announced a remake of Diablo II and Lord of Destruction for PC and consoles Blizzard presented the rabble for Diablo IV Remake Diablo II, the rabble in Diablo IV โ€” that showed on opening BlizzConline.