Overwatch authors rename McCree in name of future

The scandal at Blizzard is not subsiding. His echoes have rolled down to Overwatch and to a fictional cowboy named Jesse McCree. The shooter team announced that it would rename the hero and would not give characters any names related to real people.

The whole thing is that Overwatch was named Jesse McCree, a real Blizzard employee and lead game designer Diablo IV. Not long ago, he resigned from the company amid allegations of sexual harassment, discrimination and Harrasment.

It is not truly known what kind of transgression is for Jesse McCree. But it can be found in a group photo from Cosby‘s Number: a number of employees posing with a portrait of mass rape convict Bill Cosby.

He was also letting go of indecent company chat jokes. Where does Blizzard roll? How scandals will affect the company’s games After his dismissal, Overwatch League commentators staged an action: they refused to call McCree‘s name during matches, preferring turnovers like โ€œthis cowboy.

โ€ At the same time, players began demanding to rename McCree or kill him. The developers reported that in September they planned to release a major story arc in which McCree was a key figure.

Now the plot will be revisited so as to get rid of the scandalous name. Instead, we will release a new map in September.

As we remember, the creators of World of Warcraft have already removed a lot of reference to Blizzard’s real employees, starting with Alex Afrasiabi. With these and similar actions, the company wants to prove its desire for a better future.

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