Overwatchs Jesse McCree will turn into Cole Cassidy โ€” as early as October 26

Earlier, Blizzard, amid discrimination and harassment scandals, announced the decision to rename the character Jesse McCree from Overwatch. As early as October 26, the cowboy will turn into Cole Cassidy. โ€œThe first thing an apostate loses is his name, and that hero gave up his name a long time ago.

To run away from the past was to run away from yourself. With each passing year, his past has been distanced from his present.

But there comes a moment in every cowboy‘s life when you have to stop and start fighting. For Overwatch to get better โ€” to make things better.

He had to be honest with his team and with himself. The cowboy of the past went into the sunset โ€” Cole Cassidy met the dawn.

โ€ The character was originally named after an employee of the company (already former) and lead game designer Diablo IV. Not long ago, the real-life McCree was spotted in a scandalous group photo from โ€œCosby’s room,โ€ and was also found to be making indecent jokes in a company chatroom.

After that, Blizzard faced by boycotting Overwatch League players and commentators. The company made the decision to rename the cowboy as well as revise the plot of a major arch in which McCree was a key figure.

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