Own skating team Leerdam and Verweij is called NXTGEN

The new skating team of Jutta Leerdam and Koen Verweij is official. The team is called NXTGEN and besides Leerdam and Verweij it will mainly consist of skating talents. Who they are will be announced later.

The team is supervised by the Russian ice skating coach Kosta Poltavets, who already worked with Verweij in the run-up to the 2018 Olympics, and former ice skater Jan Bos as assistant coach.

“I started this trajectory because I see this as my last two years as a skater”, says Verweij. “I want to have done well in those years and have one hundred percent confidence in it. I’d like to leave something behind in skating where it’s all about the skaters.”

Verweij celebrated its greatest successes in 2014, with a gold medal at the all-round World Cup and the team pursuit at the Sochi Olympics. Leerdam experienced its breakthrough last season with a world and European title in the 1,000 meters. In Salt Lake City she stayed at that distance only a fraction above the world record of the American Brittany Bowe.

“I chose this route because of Kosta, Jan and the staff”, says Leerdam. “I have great confidence in this route. My goal after such a successful season is not one, but two steps on top of my level and I can see that happening here.”


Leerdam and Verweij drove for Reggeborgh last season. This collaboration ended in April, after negotiations for a new contract had come to nothing.

Currently, in cooperation with a group of entrepreneurs, NXTGEN is being further developed and additional sponsorship income is being found.