Owner wanted of loose ostrich in German city of Krefeld

In a park in the German city of Krefeld, across the border near Venlo, passers-by discovered a young ostrich last night. It is unclear who owns the animal, which is about four to five months old and is 1.40 meters in size.

The passers-by brought the animal to the local zoo, but there was no ostrich escaped there. According to a Zoo Krefeld vet, the ostrich is healthy and the animal behaves calmly. There is a suspicion that he was dumped.

The young ostrich is currently staying in an animal shelter. The ratite owner can report to the shelter. It is unknown what should happen to the animal if the owner does not report.

Pet Ostrich

Ostriches are originally only found in Africa, particularly around the Sahel. Its the fastest live ratite species in the world. The imposing animals are kept as pets in the Netherlands, although they can be dangerous when they feel threatened. As a pet, the ostrich also needs a very large outdoor stay.