‘Pacific Place 2’ levies nearing pre-pandemic level

Starting fees continue โ€œPacific placeโ€ return to the level before the pandemic โ€” during the first weekend the tape collected 80. 5 million dollars. Russian rental accounts for almost 57 million rubles, although in the local market the tape lost in popularity to the sequel โ€œPeter Rabbitโ€ and the ninth โ€œFast and Furnerโ€ – the latter collected almost 900 million rubles.

At the same time, โ€œPacific Place 2 full-fledged rental in Russia will begin only on June 3, and while viewers are watching pre-screenings of the tape. In addition, in some regions launched โ€œCruellaโ€ Disney, having already raised $42.

6 million – however, it is expected that the performance in the States can be affected by a simultaneous release on premium Disney+ subscription. In Russia, the film will appear this week, June 3.

He, by the way, did not leave critics in much delight. Because of all this, it is expected that box office fees in the US will pass the mark of $100 million in fees, thereby returning to pre-pandemic indicators.

At the same time, the authors of โ€œThe Pacific Placeโ€ have already hinted that the series could become a full-fledged trilogy. More on Gambling In the Nier Replicant Remaster Files found the mention Switch Leak: operative Lion in Rainbow Six Siege will receive Leon Kennedy skin from Resident Evil 4 Developers S.

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