Paid football takes action against abuses: ‘No a well-minded person does that’

In a joint statement, the professional football has called for the abuses in the Dutch stadiums to stop immediately. After Sunday the game between NEC and Vitesse, also known as the Gelderland derby, escalated the size is full.
There are parties that signed the statement, the KNVB, Eredivisie CV, Cooperative First Division, the Supporters Collective and all clubs, disappointment about the behaviour of some supporters. Unfortunately, after about ten rounds of play we have to find that supporters do not manage to behave normally at all competitions, the statement writes. โ€œPlayers are pelted with plastic cups of beer, with speaking choirs offended specific people and populations, and violence occurred in a few duels outside the stadium.โ€
The statement talks about a social and international problem, which is now boundless after the previous restrictions. โ€œThats what we see in football as well. Sometimes days in advance, a hostile atmosphere is created in which some seem to lose themselves. It often starts with playful actions, but they then pass into things that no well-minded person wants anything to do with.
The KNVB is now looking for solutions with the clubs. The parties below believe that the recent series of abuses should stop immediately. They will therefore discuss how we can turn the tide together over the next few days. What solutions can or should we deploy at what time? Football is the most beautiful sport. Now that we can enjoy all of this again, lets not ruin that by a small group.